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Bluebird 2E

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The Inside Story on Bluebird2e

Bluebird2e (BB2e) is loaded with features that make it one of the industry’s most innovative cabinets — from quality and ergonomics to usability and supportability. Emotive lighting at the top and bottom of the cabinet integrates with game play to enhance the game and player experience.

  • Powerful CPU-NXT®2 technology platform
  • Dual 22" widescreen high-definition displays
  • Dynamic and fully programmable button-panel
  • Completely digital platform
  • All mechanical Bluebird2e cabinets come with Transmissive Reels® technology
  • Allows for all aspects of server-based gaming
  • Slim 21" profile
  • Designed for industry standard 18” high stand
  • Superb speed and ease of serviceability
  • Emotive lighting enhances game play and player experience


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