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Advantage 3 - Konami -Reels

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Advantage 3 | Stepper

Inherently, things that come in threes are better.  Take, for example, The Three Little Pigs.  Had there only been two, no one would have cared.  And like every other set of three, Advantage 3TM from KONAMI wouldnt be the same if it were your average slot.  With multicolor backlit reels, one-of-a-kind lighting effects, a 19" LCD touch screen and more, you can see why this 3-reeler is three times the fun.

  • Multi-color backlit reels that display up to 256 colors to create one of a kind lighting effects
  • A lit clear belly-plex that is illuminated with a rotating color display
  • A mirrored row of lights in the top box for a dimensional lighting attract feature
  • A 19" touch screen LCD top box
  • A unique LCD fourth reel that is used for bonuses or to display game information
  • Compatibility with all KONAMI Extended ROM progressive products
  • SAS 6.0 compatibility with AFT/EFT functionality
  • Compatible with all Advantage+® and 27 Ways® game titles

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