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United States 26 March 2015 

(Las Vegas).– Aristocrat and VGT will take it to the next level at the upcoming Indian Gaming Tradeshow & Convention. The tradeshow marks the first time the brands will be exhibited in the same booth since Aristocrat announced its acquisition of VGT last year and will give customers an unprecedented opportunity in Class II and Class III gaming from industry-leading suppliers.


Immersion. That is the goal of the Arc Double™. Dramatic and expansive, it is a veritable playground of vision and sound. As the eye-capturing palette for the launch of exciting new titles, expect to see a new brand of player on your floor.



Arc Double at a Glance


  • Dual 42” curved high-definition LCD touch screens encompass the player for a holistically unified experience


  • Industry-leading ergonomic design delivers player comfort to optimize play time


  • Upgraded graphics capabilities engages, impresses and drives the chase


  • 5.1 stereo surround sound is optimally mixed to draw the player into the game world


  • Sleek and sinuous, it creates a substantial floor presence and becomes a player destination


  • It is the anti-box, breaking any floor monotony with its graceful lines

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